How to Operate Multiple Loudspeakers with Wireless Surround Sound Systems

Oftentimes people prefer to set up rear speakers by using a wireless speaker kit in order to avoid long speaker wires. For that purpose, manufacturers have designed surround sound kits which are able to transmit the audio signal wirelessly and thereby replace the long speaker wire by a wireless signal. However, the majority of these products come with a single transmitter and a single receiver which at most can drive two speakers. That is not surprising because the main challenge usually is to wire the rear speakers. Speakers which are located in front of the room are usually quite near the AV receiver and thus using a wireless system doesn’t make much sense.

In this post, I’m going to show you how you can connect more than two speakers by using a wireless system. Connecting more than two speakers by using wireless surround products does make sense since modern 7.1 or 8.1 surround sound systems also utilize site speakers which are depending on the size of the living room quite far away from the main receiver. If there is power available near the location of each of these speakers, it makes perfect sense …

Some Tips for Repairing Electronic Equipment

You don’t have to be a genius or engineering degree in order to be able to fix some basic electronic equipment. Just imagine if you have a device in your home that breaks down after a few years. Your wife probably is going to knack you to get it fixed. But rather than taking it to a repair shop which might charge you an arm and a leg to repair it, you might want to attempt some simple troubleshooting techniques. After all, just imagine how impressed your wife is going to be if you manage to get it fixed by yourself.

Many common problems are power related. If your device depends on an external power supply then I would inspect the power supply first of all. If you do have a multimeter at home then you can easily tell whether the power supply works or not. If you don’t own a multimeter then you might want to spend a few dollars to get one because entry-level products cost less than $10.

They are fairly versatile and not only are able to measure voltage but also current and other parameters. So spending the $10 …

The Audio Bible

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I will try to be as multifaceted as possible. Some articles will delve into the physics while others are focused on usability. Further, I will try to collect some recommendations from readers in regards to which products work for you. Don’t always trust the established websites because some of these reviews are biased. I will make sure that none of the reviews that will see on this website will be influenced by personal interests …